Fractional CMO Book

Mastering Fractional Leadership In a Dynamic World

become an agile fractional cmo

Leadership with Agility

The Agile CMO Handbook covers everything you need to be a successful fractional leader, from the basics of Agile principles to a through understanding of every marketing function in a typical organization and how to prospect for business as a fractional CMO.

Functional Marketing

Deep dives into digital marketing, traditional marketing, branding and product marketing functions

Hitting Targets

Strategies for setting goals, collaborating with sales, account-based marketing, customer experience and retention

Planning and Budgeting

Creation of marketing plans, budgets and objectives, resource allocation, measuring performance and managing expectations

Building Your Own Presence

Creative ways to excel in thought leadership, deepen relationships with clients, get more referrals and build your own pipeline

Fractional CMO Kindle Book Cover - 1

how to do more, faster

Agility At Work

The Agile CMO Handbook starts with the basics of understanding how agile principles can be applied to marketing by making strategic decisions with minimum viable campaigns and a fundamental understanding of every marketing function a CMO must lead, and concludes with a comprehensive guide for career fractional CMOs to best market themselves and find new clients.

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