Crafting Job Descriptions That Showcase Company Culture

For fractional CMOs, who navigate diverse company cultures and environments, crafting job descriptions that resonate with the specific culture of each client company is critical. A job description is more than a list of duties and qualifications. It is a reflection of the company’s ethos, and a tool for attracting talent that aligns not just in skill but in spirit with the company’s core values.

The Importance of Company Culture in Job Descriptions

For fractional CMOs, who often act as a bridge between diverse teams and company cultures, understanding the unique fabric of each client’s culture is essential. The right cultural fit can lead to a more harmonious, efficient, and productive workplace, enhancing both team cohesion and performance. In contrast, a misalignment can disrupt the workplace atmosphere and impede success.

Tailoring Job Descriptions to Reflect Company Culture

Fractional CMOs can utilize these strategies to ensure job descriptions effectively mirror the company culture:

  1. Deep Dive into Each Company’s Culture: Before penning a job description, immerse yourself in the client’s company culture. Understand their core values, mission, and the nuances that make their work environment unique.
  2. Infuse Cultural Values into Language: Reflect the client’s values in the job description. If a company prizes teamwork, emphasize collaboration and community in the role. For a company valuing innovation, highlight the opportunity for creative problem-solving and innovation.
  3. Convey Company Personality: Each company has its unique personality. Mirror this in the tone of the job description, whether it’s formal, quirky, or somewhere in between, to attract candidates who resonate with this style.
  4. Showcase Unique Cultural Perks: Highlight any distinctive cultural perks or benefits unique to the company, like remote working opportunities, team retreats, or professional development programs.
  5. Engage Current Employees in the Process: Involve employees who exemplify the company culture in drafting the job description. Their insights can help ensure authenticity and accuracy.

Leveraging McDonald’s Social Media Example for Inspiration

Take inspiration from McDonalds’ recent job description for their Social Media and Influencer Marketing Director role. It skillfully blends humor and personality with a clear understanding of the brand’s identity, appealing to candidates who align with McDonald’s vibrant and customer-centric culture. The job reminds applicants of some of the monotony (getting the same question over and over, including people begging for free food), emphasizes the importance of being able to communicate with the target Gen Z market segment, and expresses humor throughout, even about pay (unfortunately, there’s no nugget-based compensation plan) and subjects like the watchful eye of the McD’s legal team. Overall, it’s the kind of job description that will get the attention of the person with the right blend of social media skills and humor needed to succeed in a high-visibility role. Your job descriptions probably won’t be this edgy, but you can take the time to craft them with the right voice for your client organization.

Job Descriptions: Strategic Tools for Culture Cohesion

For fractional CMOs, crafting job descriptions that reflect a client’s company culture is a strategic endeavor. It’s about attracting not just the right skills, but the right personalities, attitudes, and values. This approach leads to building teams that are not only skilled but also culturally cohesive, driving organizational success and enhancing employee engagement and satisfaction.

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